Amazing Phytopod makes container gardening easy and eco-friendly

In the container garden videos, John Kohler reports on the Phytopod, which fits the description of both a container and a vertical garden. There are various sizes that let you multiply your gardening space 5 times by going vertical. Choose from 2 sq. ft., 2 sq. ft. or 4 sq ft. to get 10, 15 or 20 sq. ft. of growing space.

Imagine the simplicty of setting up one or more Phytopods, filling the containers with growing medium, then “planting” by making a small hole in the coffee sack. Each Phytopod has its own internal watering system so you don’t have to bother with hooking it up to a watering system or worry about whether there’s the right amount of moisture for the plants.

Its simplicity is captivating. Phytopod is a green product, as it uses recycled coffee sacks for the lining of the container, which can easily and inexpensively be replaced ever year or two when it starts showing wear and tear.

And it just looks cool. The optional fabric top gives the Phytopod a finished look. If your Phytopod is going to be on the patio, the festive tops give it some style to blend with your outdoor living area.

There’s also a decorative bamboo version of the Phytopod for those who want the decorative bamboo option.

You can find this product at Clever Bean. Look for “In the Garden” section.

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